Paintless Dent Removal Huntington Beach

At some point, inevitably, your car gets dinged or dented. While it might not seem worthy of an insurance call or a visit to the body shop, it bothers you every time you see it.

Huntington Beach Paintless Dent Repair

If the damage is smaller than a football, you may be able to bypass the body shop and still get the dents fixed. There are a number of services that offer paintless dent repair in Huntington Beach, or PDR which involves using specialized metal rods and tools to push out small dents from the inside. Unlike with a typical body-shop repair, there is no sanding, body filling or repainting needed. It works best on late-model vehicles, which have stronger bodies and more resilient paint.

huntington beach paintless dent repair

Most services charge by the dent, which is still cheaper than full-body work. Since it doesn’t involve heavy machinery or car repainting, technicians will do repairs at customers’ homes. We put paintless dent repair to the test with four cars with dings, using some nationwide franchises as well as independent operations.

Paintless Dent Pro In Orange County

In the Huntington Beach area, we called a mobile dent repair service call for a free estimate to fix a baseball-size dent and a couple of door dings of a 2013 Ford. The estimator said the price would depend on the location of the dents; it would be cheaper if they were on the same panel. Of the three dents we had, two were on the same panel.

We were surprised when a truck with a different name pulled up for our appointment. Turns out the company subcontracts out its smaller jobs to a small shop in Huntington Beach Dent Repair. With the car in the driveway, they opened up the panels from underneath and inserted golf-club-size rods behind them, using them to gently massage and push out each area. Within a few minutes, the dents started to disappear. He removed a couple of very small dings at the edge of the door panel at no charge. Roughly an hour later, the dents were gone and the panels smooth to the touch

He tried to fix it again, hitting a small rubber tip with a mallet to reshape the metal around the dent. The dent was really gone this time.

In Orange County, a 1999 Jeep had a golf-ball-size dent in the hood. When we called another Paintless dent repair company said he rarely does home repairs these days. Most of his business comes from body shops and car dealers. He was particularly busy when we called because of damage done to cars by a major hailstorm that recently hit the area.

(While none of the cars we used had hail damage, hail storms turned out to be a problem in a number of areas in the country, increasing wait times for appointments and causing some services we called to refuse at-home repair jobs altogether because of the increase in business. Some services charge on a case-by-case basis, rather than per dent; others won’t take on the problem if the dents are too large or too deep.)

Due to the backlog of storm-related work, we decided to take the car to him for repairs. After 20 minutes of a tap here and a push there, the dent was gone. Mr. Adams noticed a few tiny dings on the hood and removed them at no charge. He also waxed and buffed the entire hood. We were delighted with the service and results.

In Garden Grove, there was a door dent on a 1999 Subaru. I called another paintelss dent repair in Huntington Beach and spoke to the owner, Brian. He said the company would do an onsite estimate and would charge us $20 for it if we decided not to do the repair.

We called on a Monday and he came out to do the repair on Thursday. We had a small dent on one of the passenger doors, which turned out to be in a difficult place to repair because the dent was on top of a beam within the door. They explained that with a normal door dent, he would insert a tool through the window, push it down, and rotate it inside the door to push it out. With our dent, he said if he went down through the window, the amount of leverage required to fix the dent could break the window.

Instead, he opened the door and inserted a tool through a small hole near the door latch, leveraging it to push out the dent. After fixing the dent, he covered up the hole with a rubber plug. He cautioned that sometimes the work could slightly crack the paint. We were satisfied with the results. If we look carefully, we can still tell there’s a bit of a flaw in the paint where the dent was. Though no one would know it was there but us.