About Me

Hello Foodies!

photo-of-me_20I am bringing you my adventures (culinary and other) from Southern California…. specifically… Orange County: which is nestled in between Los Angeles and San Diego.

I have always enjoyed writing in all its forms and venues and began this web blog while attending culinary school a few years ago (information on the school and adventures throughout can be found in the archives of the blog or under culinary information in the tabs above)… 

….since then it has peaked some interest from you all and so with pleasure I continue to share my Tasty adventures with you… where ever they may take me…

I enjoy bringing Foodies together to share technique, and experience across all borders and cultures.  

To this end, in efforts to grow and nurture the conversation I have very active ongoing group discussions facilitated in the following social networks which I invite fellow Foodies to check out, and join if interested:


N.L. Bendrija